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New Signage at New Cross

New Signage at New Cross

Improving signage and wayfinding at New Cross Hospital

A project to replace signage at New Cross Hospital has been completed. The new signage which is based on zoning and numbering system makes it easier for patients and visitors to find their way around the hospital.

All departments and ward areas have been allocated a location number within a zone. This information has been provided to patients and visitors in patient letters, maps and leaflets available throughout the hospital.

A number of information points are located around the hospital site, entrances and corridors. These information points contain maps and a list of department names in alphabetical order with their corresponding zone and location number to assist with wayfinding.

A step by step guide to accessible routes to and within buildings at the hospital is provided to enable patients and visitors with a disability to find their way easily around the hospital.  Please Click here to access the guide.

If you have any queries or require further information about the project, please contact Janet Smith on 01902 695350 or email:

Hospital Site Map and Wards & Department Directory

Click here to download our Patient Guide

Click here to download a printable ward and department directory.


3D Fly Through

Click here to view our 3D Fly Through of the new signage system.