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City Community Services

Healthy Eating

Wolverhampton Food Health Team

The Food Health Team is part of the Nutrition and Dietetic Service, serving the whole Wolverhampton community. The team was set up in 2001 and now consists of nutritionists, dietitians, admin staff and community food advisors. The team received national recognition in December 2005 for best practice, receiving the Department of Health’s Health and Social Care Award for Improving Health and Reducing Inequalities.

The team’s main focus is to improve the consumption of healthy food within the areas of the Wolverhampton community where the occurrence of heart disease, cancer and obesity is at its highest.

The team are working on a variety of projects, engaging with the public to help them to understand the barriers that prevent them from eating more healthily, thus enabling individuals to make the healthier choice the easier choice. Practical support is given on issues to do with cooking, eating and shopping. We now know that residents are consuming more fruit than they were three years ago.

The team works with all age groups in any community venue, including religious meeting places, providing interactive sessions.

Contact the Food Health team for more information on 01902 445496.

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