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City Community Services

Childhood Immunisation

The Childhood Immunisation Programme is implemented by the Primary Care Trust from guidelines set by the Department of Health. Immunisations are given at your GP practice by your doctor, practice nurse or health visitor.

The school leaving booster immunisations are given at school by school nurses after seeking consent from parents or carers in advance.

The full immunisation schedule from 2 months to 18 years and information on immunisations for older people can also be viewed on the NHS immunisation web site at

A DVD video has been produced by the NHS called Immunisation Information highlighting the importance of immunisation in protecting children from serious diseases. For more information, and to order a copy of the DVD, go to the MMR The Facts web site.  

Remember it’s never too late if your child has not been immunised or the immunisation is incomplete. If you need an appointment, or you require any information, please contact your GP.

If your child is sent an appointment and you cannot attend, or you have a query about the appointment, you need to contact the Childhood Health Records Department at the Gem Centre who send out all appointments across Wolverhampton on behalf of your GP practice. Their telephone number is 01902 444269. They will cancel this one and arrange another one for you.