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Flu and Pneumococcal

The best way to avoid flu is to be immunised against it every year. There is also a safe and effective immunisation against pneumonia, which usually only needs to be given once.  Both injections can be given at the same time, so why not ask your GP surgery if you can have both the flu and pneumonia immunisations this winter? These are currently recommended for people 65 years and over. 

Other people eligible for free immunisation are those considered to be “at risk” from the complications of flu and pneumonia. This includes children and adults with chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, diabetes, chronic heart or kidney disease, or those with weakened immune systems due to illness or treatment such as steroids or chemotherapy. Anyone living in a nursing or residential care home is also eligible for a free jab, as well as carers of someone whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill and are unable to care for them.

The campaign to get immunised against flu and pneumonia gets underway each October and some surgeries hold special ‘immunisation days’ to target as many patients as possible.  

People should contact their GP surgery to arrange their immunisations.

For more advice on flu or pneumonia contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or log on to the NHS Direct website.